Interactive and Web Design
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This section features several web design and interactive design projects. Most of the work has been done useing Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver, but there are also extensive hand-coded sections that make each project unique.

All these projects are currently live on a server and can be viewed and tested. I have also included larger versions of the thumbnails that are launched just clicking on them.

Green TeamGreen Team Real Estate

The Green Team Real Estate Team website was designed to reflect the spirit of the company that serves the Fort Collins area. The site has an extensive an complex back end to manage the real estate listings as well as custom built content management system. The design is modular to include blog updates, social media integration and property listings.

Status: Active - Launch Site

TransfidelisTransfidelis Corporation

Transfidelis is a company that has a product to protect online privacy. The site was designed to reflect openess and simplicity. The project also included creation of templates for internal documents as well as business cards.

Status: Active - Launch Site

Instituto Universitario Ken WilberInstituto Universitario Ken Wilber

Brochure site built for a university in Mexico City. The site provides basic information about the institution, its programs of study and its teaching philosophy.

Status: Active - Launch Site

Fashion DesignFashion Department at Cañada College

This was a website designed for the Fasion Department at Cañada College. They wanted a colorful updated look that stood out from other college sites. In addition to the website, I worked on their printed promotional materials including a flyer, a brochure and an event invitation.

Status: Active - Launch Site

Punch TheatrePunch Theatre Web Site

The Punch Theatre web site was a pro-bono project done for a fledgling Theatre company based in Berekeley California. The production process included logo design, web site design and implementation, photography, and printed promo material design. It was a dynamic comprehensive project that allowed for much creative exploration. The site was entirely done in Flash and relies heavily on ActionScript to achieve the interactivity and section transitions.

Status: Inactive

Multimedia Art Web SiteMultimedia Art at Cañada College

As part of my duties during my tenure teaching at the Multimedia Art program at Cañada College I was in charge of renovating and updating the program website. This last iteration was geared towards attracting a younger audience by using bright colors and a program mascot. The site includes valuable information for students interested in the program's offerings.

Status: Inactive

Polished Look Salon Web SiteThe Polished Look Salon

Clean and simple website developed for a Salon and Day Spa in the San Francisco Bay Area. The client had a very clear idea of what she wanted the site to look like and had great suggestions in terms of color and layout. In addition to the site development, photos were taken to place within the site content.

Status: Inactive

OnQco.comOnQCo VJ Portal is a web site designed as a VJ portal (video journalists). It includes resources, training and information about the business. The portal has a dynamic online-content-delivery system that allows registered paying users to upload their videos and get them critiqued by experts, as well as access to over 100 hours of video training. The dynamic component was generated to accept video uploads in various formats, process, compress, and post them into a forum that the instructors can use to provide the feedback. The site is built using Ruby, Ajax, CSS, XHTML and a server-side Flash video compressor.

Status: Inactive

testAlicia Aguirre Campaign Web Site is a campaign tool web site for a city councilwoman in Redwood City CA. The site gets updated and changed regularly, both in English and Spanish. It’s very easy to navigate and has a clean design ad layout.

Status: Inactive


Interactive Day of the Dead Interactive Day of the Dead Altar

La Ofrenda is an interactive Day of the Dead Altar that allows the user to create and change their idea of what their altar should be. The style is very bright and simple to navigate. This piece demonstrates an advanced understanding and command of ActionScript to create interactivity.

Status: Prototype - Launch Staging Site and Final Prototype


Digitank Digitank - A Virtual Fishtank

Digitank is a prototype for a virtual “tamagochi” style web application where the user is in charge of taking care of a fish tank and slowly is given options to purchase more fish and tank decorations. The working wireframe is very simple, but the staging site includes a valuable progression of the creative process during conceptualization and production.

Status: Prototype - Launch Process Staging Siteand Final Prototype


Digitank Cañada College Information Kiosk

Information architecture and interface design is an art and a tough skill to master. This interactive kiosk was designed for Cañada Community College as an informational tool to be placed in the foyer of the new Student Services building. The project is still being considered for production, at which point a more refined user interface and updated graphics will be generated

Status: Prototype - Launch Process Staging Siteand Final Prototype